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As a chiropractor, it has always been our goal to have a family-friendly office that provides care to the entire family. We make it a priority to always put patient happiness first, and spend as much time as we can.

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Chiropractors use manual or instrument-assisted techniques to apply controlled and targeted force.


Massage Therapy
Car accident massage therapy, available in Puyallup, offers a unique and effective approach to healing and restoring well-being.


Pain Management
Searching for a comprehensive and effective solution to manage your pain.


Sports Medicine Clinic
For athletes, injuries and performance-related concerns can be challenging obstacles to overcome. Our Chiropractic Sports Medicine Clinic in Puyallup.


Sports Massage Therapist
For athletes and fitness enthusiasts in Puyallup, achieving peak performance and preventing injuries are top priorities.


Urgent Care
Auto accidents can be distressing experiences, leaving individuals with physical injuries and emotional trauma.

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At Genesis Chiropractic, We have a very well-qualified and experienced team of Chiropractors, who have been practicing for over 30 years.

Dr. Marc Hines


Dr. Jacob McKee


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Visiting a Chiropractor can be stressful. We are one of your best Chiropractic services in the Puyallup, Frederickson, and Summit Areas with experience of more than three decades. Book an Appointment Today!


Some reviews from our clients

At Genesis Chiropractic, Our motto is client satisfaction and hence their happiness is our priority. Stay Healthy!!.

I have been coming to Genesis Chiropractic since I was a child. I have been in two car accidents and have scoliosis. Dr. Marc and Dr. Jacob are both really nice and knowledgeable. 100% recommend.

Shaylee S.

This company is great. Most chiropractors I’ve gone to I leave hurting more than when I came in. When I have gone here I’ve left feeling like they helped get me back in place without being too aggressive and hurting. Plus their massage therapist is great!

Caleb M.

Dr. Hines is awesome. I went in with mid back pain and just from my verbal description, he knew I had a rib out. The adjustment was magical and I felt 100% better after he was done. Highly recommend!

Phelicity R.

Very polite and professional. They are able to get you chiropractor appointments often the same day or the next day which is nice when you’re in pain.

Crystal S.

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We’ve collected the best spinal health blogs to help you learn, to be a chiropractor to understand the importance of keeping your family healthy.

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